Teeth Improvement Smile Makeover

By:Dr.George     Posted:04/06/12
Teeth Improvement Smile Makeover

If you are unhappy together with your smile or are searching to alter the color, shape or legnth of the teeth, a smile makeover could meet your needs exactly. A grin transformation consists of a number of cosmetic dental methods to enhance the look of your smile. Smile refurbishments can involve a multitude of remedies, for example some patients want perfectly whitened teeth although others might want to enhance the appearance of the teeth fillings by getting their amalgam teeth fillings changed having a whitened composite. Whatever you are searching for there's more choices to enhance your smile than evre before

Crooked teeth - This is often remedied using traditional orthodontic techniques or even the new generation of 'invisible' braces. You might want to go for porcelain veneers for a fast fix but you will have to have several your natural tooth structure shaved off and away to accomodate them.

Chipped or Damaged teeth - These may be fixed through numerous remedies. Which treatment fits your needs largely is dependent how severe the harm is but potential remedies include veneers, crowns or cosmetic connecting.

Missing teeth - These may be changed using dental corrections for example implants, bridges and veneers.

Gaps between teeth - These may be closed as gaps can frequently cause functional problems in addition to being aesthetic issues. Potential remedies include veneers or orthodontics to maneuver one's teeth.

Gummy Smiles - Easily fixed by way of gum contouring either surgically or via laser.

Teeth bleaching - Stains can be taken off with prophyflex cleaning or numerous professional teeth bleaching items.

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